South Baldwin Center for Technology

South Baldwin Center for Technology In Robertsdale AL is a non-profit organization in Robertsdale, Alabama. It is part of the Baldwin County Public Library System and offers individual and group assistance with alternative communications options for people who may not use traditional literacy media such as print books and computer screens. Alternative communications technologies include IPads, MP3 players, listening to streaming audio on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The center also provides assistive technology resources such as closed captioning decoders and FM Audio systems that allow both vision-impaired guests and those without reading skills to enjoy their favorite literature using methods other than sight.

The South Baldwin Center for Technology In Robertsdale AL uses a volunteer force complemented by staff members in order to assist in providing alternatives to traditional reading and writing formats, thus providing access to information for all.

The Baldwin County Public Library System is dedicated to promoting literacy through technology, as well as making it possible for everyone in the community to have equal access to library services and resources. This organization's mission statement details its key goal of reaching beyond cultural barriers that may exist due to physical or learning disabilities which prevent people from being able to fully enjoy written works or printed materials. The South Baldwin Center For Technology In Robertsdale AL does just that by eliminating the need for reading while utilizing modern alternative communications technologies such as listening devices and visual aids.





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